Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When Is A Club Not A Club?

I am someone who definitely loves all extracurricular activities and practices, and throughout my time in primary and secondary school I've always been the one who goes up to teachers to complain about why some debating or film-making club has decided to shut down on me. But there was one incident that happened today that got me asking the question that serves as the title of this post. 

I was at my book club (which is usually very fun, my fellow blogger and friend The Human Guide also is a member, we have a book for 10-15 year olds to read every month on one of many themes, and we discuss and do fun quizzes and other activities based on it at the next month's meeting. Great for book fans like me!), and before I went I knew that two school friends weren't attending because of school trips and sports practices, but I wasn't expecting what was going to happen! Basically, I arrived in the library and saw that the table we usually use was empty, so naturally I asked the group leader if the club was happening. She replied in the affirmative, and I waited for a few minutes before realising to my horror that no one else would arrive!

I thought this might be a way to get home early (book club goes on to 5:30) so I could start work on the despised DT novelty cake project, but no. Our overly energetic group leader marched over to me, and starting bombarding me with questions about practically everything under the sun, from Sri Lanka at Christmas to iPads and from Chinese characters (my chosen language at school) to freedom of thought (I'm not sure how that one came up...). She even gave me the general knowledge quiz and the drink she'd planned to give us at that meeting! Seems as I was the only one there, shouldn't she have just let me browse books or maybe go home like I was intending?! It's really not much fun on your own with an overly energetic group leader.

Anyway, so this posed a question for me: when is a club not a club? Well, in addition to the awful waste of time that was January's book group, we had a school German club when I was about 8 or 9 that got reduced to about 2 or 3 members, and that wasn't much fun either. 4 or 5 is about the starting number, but 10 is a bit many, because not everyone can have a go at activities or have a voice. In fact, my sub-group in the gymnastics club I used to go to had about 6 members and there was perfect equality and fairness. So anyone who's starting a club soon, that is the perfect number!

-DP :)

PS Today marks a milestone in The Dramatis Persona history; it's the first non-illustrated post! I hope you like my writing without the pics as well as with!

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  1. I thought that was a really good post. Sorry I couldn't be there! I promise I will be in February!
    HG :p