Get In Touch!!!

If you ever want to contact me, then my official blog email address is If you know me and usually use my home or school email addresses, then if your correspondence is related to the blog, you need to email it here instead. Here's what's appropriate for this email:

  • You have a post request for me
  • You have a product/service you'd like me to review (please make it appropriate for a 13-year-old girl), whether you're from the company or not.
  • You have a query about anything related to my blog, blogs in general or you want advice about anything (N.B. I am not an agony aunt, and although I will except some advice requests, please make them sensible and age-appropriate. Thanks!)
  • A competition entry
  • You want to be interviewed or to guest post
  • You want to interview me for your blog or other publication
  • Anything else blog-related that you don't want to put in a comment!

Thanks for your correspondence!
-DP :)

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