Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Am Finally Learning Guitar (And No, I Didn't Just Want To 'Cause Taylor Swift Does)

Seriously, how long has it been since I last graced the blogosphere with my presence? A week? Wowzums. That went quicker than a panicked commuter on a London zebra crossing. I'm sorry everyone, but I swear it felt like one day. Maybe it's all the exams and revision that make it feel fast.

 Anyway, I have big things happening in my life that I feel are fit to announce to the whole of the World Wide Web. So big that I have a new label for them: "exciting happenings". I AM NOW PLAYING THE GUITAR! I've wanted to for a long time now, people say it came about when I started liking country music, or when I started writing songs, but I think I got interested in the whole thing a bit before all of that, when I was choosing another instrument to play when I started secondary school. My mum was suggesting more obscure options, like bassoons and euphoniums, which I can assure you I have nothing against, I just thought that guitar would fit better with piano, which I've been playing since I was about five or six. But alas, alack, I have a weird thing about not telling people certain, completely normal things. Liking singing, and being a Scout, are some examples. And wanting to play the guitar was another.

  Anyway, who cares how I got here? At least I finally am here! 

The guy behind the "Guitar Tuition" ad in a local pinboard turned out to be the owner of a living room in a tiny village near the country house overcome by stacks of every guitar you can think of plus a piano, and also a hyperactive kitten. Random? Yeah, random. But also the owner of this guitar, which I'm loaning for about a month before I summon up the courage to buy my own. And at the moment, it's looking (or should I say sounding) perfectly epic.

I don't know why, but every time people post about singing or playing instruments on their blog, we expect them to post a video of them playing some random song, just to prove they're telling the truth about what they can do. Honestly, the blogosphere isn't YouTube! But instead of showing you what I can play, I'll tell you what I can play: two chords and a couple of simple pieces involving just plucking single strings. Yeah. Waned your enthusiasm for my guitar video, didn't it?

But it's not just that that's annoying me now. It's this:

No, no, I'm a Swiftie, not a hater, so I'm not about to go on about how she always sings about breaking up. It's what people keep saying when I tell them I'm playing the guitar that's annoying me. I think four or five people so far have piped up in reply with "Are you just playing it to be like Taylor Swift?" NO!!! You think I'm just trying to be a Taylor Swift clone, because alongside blogging, Swiftie-hood is one of the main things I'm known for in my school. Sure, she makes me more enthusiastic about the guitar, but I wouldn't say that's the prime reason. The prime reason is that it's a logical second instrument, useful for my songwriting and if you want to sing with an instrument, it's the way to go. Taylor Swift is sometimes a kind of role model for me, but I don't just copy her, I simply let her give me inspiration.

But overall, a generally positive vibe in my endorphins at this moment in time, and I hope my further guitar lessons turn out well.
-DP :)


  1. Good for you! :) I wish I had the patience to learn a musical instrument :P I tried the piano for a year but gave up because it was too much practicing and then I begged my parents to get me a guitar for christmas and gave it up after only six months XP

  2. I also decided to take up guitar a few weeks ago. No, I didn't want to take them because of a famous country singer either but I just loved the sound and look of it; especially that of an acoustic guitar! I learn to play guitar online through an amazing course! It offers a fresh, innovative curriculum which allows me to learn at my own pace, with a variety of musical genres. So far, I learned many great techniques and also picked up a few songs! I hope you are successful in your lessons too!

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    I was wondering, maybe you could blog about that petition!
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  4. And I was wondering if you could help me set up my blog. My computer is playing up.

  5. Learning to play the guitar can be difficult at first. But in your case, since you've learned to play the piano first, the guitar will be easier for you since you already know how to read the chords and know each sound. I commend you for embracing your musicality and working on enhancing your craft. Best of luck to you, and I hope you can post that video of you playing your guitar soon! :)
    Cherie @ Hamrock Music Instruction