Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Day Photo Challenge Day 4 – Outfit

Fellow Londoners, wasn't our weather unusually fantastic today? Fantastic for a field trip day, anyway. I had a Geography trip to the Docklands, the Thames Barrier and the London 2012 Olympic Park today, which blew my expectations, said expectations being based on being stuck with a droning teacher on a Monday morning learning about settlements. But this was actually to interesting places and about an interesting subject (how East London is changing and rejuvenating, that sort of thing) and I actually loved wandering around the different places and debating with my friends whether a dirty patch on the Excel Centre building counted as vandalism. And, of course, the weather was perfect :).

So yep, good day so far. But it got better when I got to be in a vintage fashion shot for 10 Day Photo Challenge Day 4!

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” 

Shoes ~ Schuh

Cardigan ~ Theory

Dress ~ Handmade

Necklace + Sunglasses ~ vintage so don't really have a brand :)

I chose this quote, from Yves Saint Laurent, to sum up in this photo's title how although a trend can be out of style, not be paraded on this season's catwalks and never be worn on the street, it may have disappeared, but the people who truly love it as a trend will keep on wearing it in their personal style. And the trends that I think that's most true for are those of the 1950s, and vintage trends in general. Although they were most popular nearly 60 years ago, there are people today who keep the trends alive in their personal style, apart from the current fashions.

I got this outfit about a year ago now (Really? Time seriously flies) when we had a day in my last year of primary school when our whole class had to come in costumes from the 50s and 60s. I hadn't been very interested in the dress or the whole outfit (when I was a dumb eleven-year-old, I thought it was the kind of thing old ladies wear), until I got inspired to be more into vintage clothes. I hate to say this because it sounds so shallow, but I became more interested when I saw pictures of Taylor Swift wearing her various vintage outfits in the liner notes of Red. Then, I went on lots of fashion blogs and shopping sites, and researched different vintage styles, and I'm trying to make it a more and more serious interest. So naturally, I was thrilled when it was announced that the theme of our Scout camp disco would be 1950s. Another excuse to wear my vintage outfit (you can't really see on the picture, but it has cute little bows on it :) )!

This is the only vintage dress I own (because frankly I don't go to many occasions where that'd be appropriate), but I have a ton of pictures of more on my iPad, and I'm starting to post a few on my Instagram page (it's meant to be Taylor Swift-themed, but hey, Taylor – vintage, there's kind of a link…). Maybe when I'm older!
-DP :)