Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Mysterious Blue Sphere That Apparently Can Be Eaten?!

Much as I love writing reviews, photo articles and factual accounts for Dramatis Persona, my favourite blog post genre is fantasy. And this time it's about one of the last photos I took in Sri Lanka (we arrived back in England at 7am GMT yesterday morning), taken at the estate of the architect's Jeffrey Bawa (the picture is at the bottom of this post). This rather sci-fi-reminiscent blue fruit can supposedly be eaten (I wonder what it tastes like...), according to our guide, but I, as usual, have a much more exciting theory...

Galaxies away from Earth, there is a planet named Villiana. It's a much older planet than ours, and has been the same way for eons and eons. And for eons and eons it has stayed an olive breeding world. But these are no ordinary olives. These are VILLIANA olives. They start off like any other olive, either black or khaki green. But the Villianese have a wicked secret. To Earthlings involved in the olive trading business, Villiana is a useful, intergalactic trading partner, but they have a long-term grudge against us Earthlings, and a plan to kill us off. Each olive sent from Villiana has a tracker inside it, so it will know as soon as it makes it out of the olive factory and into freedom. Three days after this happens, it will turn a bright and unnatural blue, to warn its new owner and potential eater that eating it while blue will end the world forever within an hour. No one has been unsuspecting enough yet to eat such a repulsive looking thing, and most have thrown theirs away or even complained to the company (who have simply replied saying "sorry, but this issue was not reported by the factory workers but we shall look into it", because they frankly don't have the time for such absurdities). Jeffrey Bawa was obviously the recipient of a Villiana olive. If you too receive one, DON'T EAT IT IF YOU WANT THE WORLD TO STILL EXIST!!!!

-DP :)

PS I have some blog maintenance points to quickly discuss:

1. Poll results

On my Christmas decoration poll, the uber-cute Christmas display cabinet got 50% of the votes so is sure to be used again next year!

In support of this new post, my latest poll is "Would you eat a blue fruit?", a simpler yes/no poll.

2. Errors

There were some errors in the last two posts that I'd like to mention and apologise for:

A: Repetition of the phrase commenting on the pictures in the New Year post (I corrected this).

B: The Boxing Day tsunami was in 2004 not 2005 (I corrected this as well).

C: The lizard image was a bit too large for the post space in the New Year post (I'm not sure how to correct this, but I'll try...)

D: The iPad doesn't support labelling, so I haven't labelled the last three posts, but will as soon as I have access to a proper computer.

E: Because you can't move pictures around on the Blogger app, some of my images are quite awkwardly at the bottom of the page. I will correct this as soon as I'm on an actual computer.

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