Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saatchi's Latest International Art Showcase

Hi guys, I had a day off from school yesterday :) because of an exam day, so I thought I'd write about an exhibition I went to see on Monday, the last day of our Christmas holidays, and finish it today. A break from posts about Sri Lanka for a while, although I may do some sort of themed photo article about it soon. I don't know if you remember, but back in September (coincidentally also on the last day of the holidays!) I posted about an exhibition of Korean art at the Saatchi gallery on King's Road, which I thought was amazing. Well, Saatchi have made two more offerings of international art, this time from Russia and Hong Kong, and they haven't disappointed...

This is from a room of photos of Russian prisoners' tattoos. I imagine this one could be quite funny when he moves his knee and the eye opens and closes...

This Hong Kong artwork is called The Lady, but it sure looks like a squid to me!
This piece Bedtime Story is peaceful at first, but disturbing when you see what it's made out of!

Notice anything wrong with these pockets?

I particularly like this rainbow arrangement of Chinese ingredients, and it's probably one of my favourites in the whole show. I wish everyone (including myself) had the time and care to organise their shelves like this.

A funny touchscreen artwork called the Difficult Life Station. This "Relieve Button" could be pressed by visitors, and the smarter amongst you will realise the truth behind it. However, there was no harm done if you did press it, and I saw some people pressing it a lot more than once! The 45 is the number of people who had pressed the button at that time. 

There were also other activities on the Difficult Life Station. My favourite was a writing application where you could WRITE WITH YOUR FINGERTIPS, NOT TYPE a secret down on a cartoon speech bubble, to be saved and viewed by the nosy public a few days later (I won't tell you what I wrote). I also liked the Eye Trainer, where a supposedly-relaxing cartoon trainer moved their eyes around at ridiculously fast pace, and sometimes even separately. We were encouraged to copy. Hilariously hard.

Amazingly, these drawers were created entirely with ink!

More hilarity here: all these hotels are in Hong Kong, but all are named after other places around the world. Below is the second addition, a map showing where each "foreign" hotel is in the city.

There were a couple of these outstandingly cute beige robots. Every few minutes they stopped cutely/creepily staring at you, and started to make extraordinarily cynical comments about the state of the world and people's lifestyle. There was also another huge one lying on the floor, that appeared to be subtly breathing...

An ironic traditional Chinese scroll depicting global warming and the death of polar bears. It took me a while to figure out this one.

Another ecologically minded one: this time about pollution of rivers.
Imaginatively named Russian artwork alert!: "Portrait Of A Pot"

I loved this exhibition! You can see from my pictures here that there was a huge variety of both humorous and serious pieces. If you've been or are going to see it, I hope you enjoy it, but if you can't for whatever reason, then I hope my pictures are enough!

-DP :)

PS Here is an honest artist for once:

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