Saturday, December 8, 2012

Random Book Knowledge At National Level

I've left the title of this blog post a little mysterious this time, which is quite new for me :), but I'll tell you all about it now. This week, I was a participant in the 2012 Kids' Lit Quiz, which is an international contest for book lovers like myself from 7 countries around the world, concerning knowledge of authors, books and characters, both classic and contemporary. However, what I haven't mentioned yet is that it's all for 10-13 year-olds just like me! 

So, on to my own results... Well, after successfully qualifying for my school's A team, three teammates and I travelled to compete at The Broxbourne School in Hertfordshire for the North London heat. This turned out to be a relatively easy, pub-quiz style written with ten themed rounds of ten questions, one of them a picture round (this one was probably our favourite and the only one we received full marks on, themed on classic characters and including film depictions of Robinson Crusoe and Huckleberry Finn among others). Believe it or not, at this heat we actually won by 10 points! And, even better, we managed the unusual feat of beating the Authors Team (basically a group of authors competing just for fun)!

Winning this heat meant we had to attend the National Final just 2 days later, in an incredibly fancy-looking hotel in Coventry with, in my opinion, excessive red and gold furnishings and Tudor-style design. I have a picture at the bottom if you want to have a look. But after photos for local newspapers and parading in to the quiz hall to "And last but not least from North London...", we discovered that the quiz was about to be a thousand times more difficult. I mean, one whole round on literary archetypes seems ridiculously hard, who's going to guess that "a humorous male, known in royal circumstances as a jester" would be a clown! And another equally challenging round followed it: first pages of novels. The kind of thing you have to actually read books to know, that no amount of Ultimate Book Guide for 8-12 year olds reading  and online practice questions could teach me. Still though, despite the fact that we didn't make the world finals in South Africa next July, we came an admirable joint 6th of 17, a result I'm proud of!

- DP :)

P.S. Recently I've made a few updates to my blog, for instance now you can subscribe by email, which is great because you don't need to give any details apart from your email address, and you don't need a Google account. I've also made a poll on the sidebar which, to celebrate the Kids' Lit Quiz, is all about what trivia topic is your favourite! There's also a new translate button at the bottom so everyone in the world can see what I've got to say! oh, and the hotel image isnt mine ;) 


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  2. Huh, what templates? Are you sure you're commenting on the right blog???
    -DP :)