Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Little Quiz For All Of You...

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, as I have just started a new school so made a conscious decision to stay off my blog for a couple of months while I settled in. Anyway, to come back with a bang and as you might soon be planning a winter trip, I made up this personality quiz for you:

What Type Of Holiday Should YOU Take?

The ultimate planning tool!

Q1) Which of these gadgets do you have or would like to have?

A: An All-weather camera

B: An iPad with a sparkly tiger striped case

C: DJ designed headphones

D: A corporate BlackBerry with no games

Q2) Which of these Red Letter days (company-made days out) would you take?

A: Abseiling down the Shard

B: Celebrity cookery class

C: Private art gallery viewing

D: Pamper session

Q3) What sort of music do you like most?

A: Something with a strong beat that I can run along to

B: Rihanna

C: Some random Eritrean music no one's ever heard of - I still like it though :)

D: Frank Sinatra - that guy never gets old!

Q4) You've got a night in to yourself - what do you do?

A: Watch (and perform to!) an exercise video

B: Write a new song

C: Watch an arthouse film

D: Curl up with a great book

Q5) Which of these sports is your favourite?

A: Zumba

B: Gymnastics

C: Croquet

D: Ping Pong

Q6) You decide to go out for a meal. Which of these are you most likely to do?

A: Get a table outside, whatever the weather

B: Invite 30 friends and sit at the head of the table

C: Go to a resaurant specializing in an unfamiliar cuisine and try something you've never heard of

D: Go to a restaurant you go to all the time and order the same thing as always

Q7) Where do you go to buy a new top?

A: Outdoor/climbing shop

B: The high street

C: A quirky design outlet

D: Charity shop

Q8) What's your favourite soft drink?

A: Green smoothie

B: Fanta

C: Espresso with biscotti

D: Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Q9) What sort of hat are you most likely to wear?

A: Bandana

B: Fascinator

C: Panama hat

D: I don't wear hats

Q10) Which animal do you most identify with?

A: A mountain goat. Living in the mountains would be great!

B: A leopard. They're fierce, just like me!

C: An eagle. Seeing the world from up there would be amazing!

D: A tabby cat. Oh, the joy of being loved by a caring family...


Mostly As: You're an adrenaline junkie, and love the wild. Your ideal holiday would be rugged and off the beaten track, independent and away from tourists. Your days would be full to the brim with adventurous activities like mountain-climbing, abseiling, skydiving, surfing and so much more! Just don't forget to pack the hiking boots...

Mostly Bs: You love to be the centre of attention, and are both fashionable and creative. This means your ideal holiday destination would be extravagant, luxurious and exotic, somewhere that will stand out among the crowd. Staying in a luxurious riad in Morocco and browsing the souks would suit you, or perhaps learning to ride horses in spectacular Patagonia or seeing orang-utans in the wild in lush Borneo! Or if you really wanted to push the boat out, try the beautiful coral atolls of the South Pacific!

(BTW, this is what I got when I took this quiz)

Mostly Cs: World culture is your thing, whether it's art, music, films or food. You also enjoy contrast, so the ideal holiday for you would definitely not be a package. You would eat and sleep in the coolest places in town, but in the daytime you would visit interesting reminders of your destination's history while, of course, experiencing lively international culture. However, your trip would have to be just a short city break, because you have (or should have) an enormous schedule of exhibitions, gigs, festivals and restaurant trips planned!

Mostly Ds: You seem to have a strong idea of what you would like to do this winter, but most of it is best done at home. You may have a hectic life, so perhaps this winter you should relax and take a staycation this year. After all, there are many things I'm sure you haven't yet done in your hometown, and remember that you really don't have to travel a long way to have a great time!

By the way, if you are undergoing holiday or Christmas stress, here is #2 in my Shower Era series to cheer you up, a Dimetrodon with a dish cloth for a fin...

- DP :)

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  1. u'd never have guessed what i was...a d!!!
    i don't know why I'm happy. i think its cos i get a bb now according 2 ur quiz :D