Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Sri Lankan Boxing Day

I didn't mention this on my last post, but my Christmas and New Year this year are being spent in the wonderful island of Sri Lanka. As well as this being the first ever blog post on my new Christmas gift of an iPad (!), since arriving here on the 22nd my family and I have spent Christmas Eve Eve (not a mistake, by this I mean the 23rd) in the capital city of Colombo, Christmas Eve with a host of Indian elephants which I intend to talk about more and show you pictures of, but only can access some of them right now :( and most recently Christmas Day in Kandy, Sri Lanka's second city. More specifically, in one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the world, the Temple of the Tooth, where Buddha's canine tooth is supposedly held. But enough of yesterday, let's talk about today. My 26th December was spent hiking up the large, ancient city of Sigiriya in the middle of the jungle, in surprisingly good condition for its age. However, I'm not going to tell you, I'm going to show you...

This is a from-the-bottom view of the rock that once housed the grand palace of the king of Sri Lanka in 500-600 BC. We climbed this, on an array of steep and often frighteningly fragile metal staircases and walkways!

A very cute ( if you like that sort of thing) monitor lizard I saw on the way up.

A small, walled enclosure, apparently home to the Bo tree, the species under which the Buddha was born.

A beautifully painted image, better than most cave paintings, amazingly done in 500 BC!

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