Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Christmas Decorations - which is your favourite?

Hello trustworthy blog followers, considering the success of the quizzing poll, my next sidebar poll is to decide which of this year's decorations in my house are the nicest (i.e. which should be used again next year). There are five to choose from, so here is the selection (rather traditionally, this poll ends on Twelfth Night, the 6th January, when all decorations must be taken down!):

1) Christmas Tree
My Christmas tree is quite alternative this year, a genuine (dead) tree with its summer leaves taken away from it in winter. I spraypainted it red to get in the festive spirit:

I also decorated it with some stars I made years ago:

And also with some very cute birds!!!

2) Advent Calendar

This year's advent calendar was hand made, which makes a difference to the usual chocolate ones. Each day is an envelope hanging from the tree with an embossed (see earlier post) Roman numeral, and each gift is a decades-old, collectible Christmas stamp from a different country every day! I can never wait to see what will be next!

 Here are just some of the stamps we've had so far (sorry for the poor image quality):

3) Christmas Display Cabinet

This is a display cabinet of Christmas trinkets, new this year, and is in some ways a collection of unusual Christmas goodies from many time periods and countries. It includes several Santa Claus figurines, both fun and scary, various Japanese ornaments and even a rather amusing horse (4th shelf down, far left)!
4) Glass Birds

Also new for this year, I have a set of elegant glass birds, painted in tasteful purples and greens (not together though!). There are lots of different sorts of birds in the set, but the prettiest and rarest is this purple pheasant - great as a table centrepiece and very cute!!!

5) Christmas Card Display

Last but not least, in my bedroom I've put up a line of Christmas cards along my bed head, as much a display of my popularity (joke) as a great decoration idea! Some of them have great designs, too.

So, I've shown you all my decorations, so what are you waiting for?! Vote!!!
- DP :)

P.S. I have great news for history buffs - your trivia subject of choice won our recent poll with 33% of the votes. But bad news for sport, music or film fans - your category came last with no one voting for it!


  1. soooooo the cards...thats prob cos i luv cards!!! i have 2 say the xmas tree is pretty awesome...

  2. actually i changed my vote to xmas cabinet. just had a look at the strange horse!! lol....

  3. Got to be the advent calendar I think - lovely colour scheme and beautiful lettering.