Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guest Blogger!!

Hello again, this time my post's going to be a bit different - this time, it's not from me - it's from, for the very first time on Dramatis Persona, I've got a guest blogger! It's someone in my school, who came over to my house today and showed an interest in my blog. This is all her idea, so over to her...
- DP :)

The life story of a Carrot

Carrots lead a very uninteresting life, and die very young. They start their life as nothing more than a seed and live in a very dark and cold place. He/she will slowly grow like you or me. Roots will start to form and leaves will start to appear. If vegtablealists didn't know this, they have miniature TV screens inside them which they watch when they are bored. Otherwise they have nothing to do. As when they get picked they die, they only live a few months which means that many carrot Twilight fans never got to watch the last movie. :'( At least they will never find out what happened to their friends and family when they died...

Wasn't that a great story from our guest blogger! Who knew what happens to carrots! Thanks so much to our guest blogger, we hope to have more guests soon!

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  1. luv that story!! lol!! who was the person? i bet I KNOW WHO IT WAS!!!