Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Grape Harvest Has Come Around Again!

These are from a Bordeaux vineyard I visited last week - no, just joking. We grow grapes in the conservatory of our country house in Suffolk, and this year I'm pleased to say we had enough for a bottle of very sweet grape juice! It's always a very exciting preoccupation picking grapes from the vines hiding (and also giving shade beneath) the glass roof at around this time of year, and it's something to look forward to at the tail end of the summer holiday (apart from the new school year, obviously). This particular bowl is only usually half full on most harvests, so the fact that it's almost overflowing this year is a pleasant surprise. I don't know what it is. Perhaps the grape gods who live on a dark purple cloud high above a French vineyard have decided that more positive attitudes toward grape-growing and more vineyards worldwide are grounds for a better grape harvest this year. Or maybe that's a little far-fetched. Just I don't want to be boring by saying it was just luck.
- DP :)

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