Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Shower Era #1: The Brachiosaurus

You might do embossing, or knitting, or whatever more obscure craft you care to name, but I guarantee you've not done a weirder craft than towel origami, which is exactly what it says it is but with a lot more safety pins on a much bigger scale . I've seen it done in hotels across the world, but would never have thought anybody would think to write a book about it. But that's exactly what Alison Jenkins has done, the fourth of her towel origami books being Jurassic Towel Origami, the prehistoric theme of which inspired my next series of posts, where I aim to create all 15 megalosauric creatures in the book and blog about them. Jenkins' creations have inspired me to think about how these towel dinosaurs etc. would have survived against the force of the real ones. Perhaps they would have clipped their many safety pins together as swords and launched an attack on the real creatures, using several towels packed together as inventive shields. OK, before I get carried away, here is my first one, the gigantic herbivore Brachiosaurus, with his technically challenging drooping tail and easily collapsing legs. I even creased a mouth and put a grape leaf in for authenticity :).
 - DP :)

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