Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Recent Activities In London #2: Somerset House

 Don't be misled by the title of this post and think that I went to see the usual exhibitions at the titular gallery; in fact, during the Games period, every country has taken over a major venue to showcase their culture and cheer on their athletes (hospitality houses), and my first visit to them has been Brazil's Somerset House base. Here the 2016 Olympic hosts have set up a gallery devoted to Brazilian modern art, a tourism room with guidebook sale and exotic-looking pictures, a Rio 2016 area with information on arena and logo design as well as a souvenir shop (I picked up a souvenir pencil as well as samples of the 2016 font, but there unfortunately weren't enough of each letter to spell Dramatis Persona!) and apparently restaurants and carnivals in the evening. Here are some of my favourite bits of it.
Who came up with this idea?
An interesting pun on the phrase "flying carpet"

Two of many cute sculptures on display - see also the wooden lizard below
Traditional Brazilian fabrics
A room showcasing the Brazilian rainforest
A very confusing Brazilian flag
The Eames wheelchair!
A very difficult game of football!


  1. love the flying carpet!!!

  2. Glad u like it my favourite is the goldfish reading a book!
    DP :)

  3. i also like that one too. how weird does it get???