Monday, August 13, 2012

The Wild Chicken Tribe

I haven't done a story or imaginative post for a while, and this chicken, spotted at my family's rented home in Grassington, Yorkshire, provided an interesting avenue of opportunity. The chicken doesn't have a coop, and he also doesn't appear to live anywhere apart from in the huge grounds of the house. But perhaps he once did. The once thriving, now nearly extinct tribe of wild woodland chickens, living in forest areas in Northern England and Southern Scotland, are taught by experienced chief chickens to fend for themselves in practically any environment they choose. Those skills are eventually put to use when the chickens come of age (they have to learn survival skills quite quickly, as they come of age at two years) and they must venture out and choose an environment which they deem suitable to use as a home for the rest of their life. Another tribe rule is that chickens must visit they former home at least once a year. This chicken, unlike his adventurous siblings, hated the tribe's independent nature, so sought out a house with extensive gardens to get a taste of domestic life which he, of course, loved. However, when reluctantly returning to his family, they were taken by nasty surprise as they realized this rebellious chicken had chosen a somewhat calmer life than his siblings, who chose caves, trees and waterfalls as their dwelling place. The chiefs were horrified and subsequently disowned the chicken, who didn't mind at all, returning to Grassington to roam around the plant pots once again.
- DP :)

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