Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Marfa Breakfast Hunt

Happy belated Easter everyone! And Happy belated April Fool's Day! Sorry I haven't posted as much as I said I would, it's because of multiple reasons: early nights because of jet lag, no pictures allowed in art exhibitions, lack of Wi-Fi in hotels and the like. But at least I'm posting now, I guess.

So I'll get you up to speed on what's been happening lately. Unless you've been under a rock for the last week (or have simply only just began reading my blog), you'll know that right now I'm away in Texas for the Easter holidays. We've been here since Saturday, and we left our first location, a small town called Marfa, yesterday. There we saw two different art galleries/foundations celebrating the life of the artist Donald Judd, who lived in the town, but sadly neither foundation allowed photography (Grrr!). We also tried to see the famous Marfa Lights (which are like the Northern Lights but in Marfa), but jet lag made us fall asleep at ridiculously early times. So that was a bit of a post loss. Oh well.

We departed cosmopolitan Marfa for beautiful hot springs cabin retreat in the Texan desert (which I might post about some time if I have a spare day). There was no Wi-Fi, basically because it's in the middle of nowhere, so I couldn't post, so lost a few blogging days. But there was lots of natural beauty :).

So right now we're in a small desert town called Marathon (awesome name!). We've only just got here, so I've haven't got anything to post about, so it's lucky that I documented this photo story on our last day in Marfa. 9am on a Tuesday morning, and this confused man (my dad) was searching for breakfast without much success...

Then he tried this respectable-looking Italian restaurant, but alas, it was closed on Mondays!

This next one was a guidebook favourite, but today it was closed. Everything in Marfa was closed on Mondays!

Chorizo and egg with bean and cheese…not PARTICULARLY desirable...

Look, there's a market...but it's empty :(

No, we don't want a golf course, or a fairground...

Or even a hardware store! We just want food!

So instead we just bought food from the grocery store...

...and ate it at the hotel!

Which had beautiful decor in the eating area so wasn't a complete loss...

...but the meal of bagels and yoghurt definitely could have been better!

As you can guess, although that story really did happen to us, me telling it here was more of an excuse to show you some pictures of Marfa and its many (closed) services. Hope you enjoyed it!
-DP :)

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