Monday, April 22, 2013

Swans Doing A Very Odd Thing And A Random Quiz Competition

Wow, two milestones in Dramatis Persona history have been achieved today. Firstly, and more obviously, I now have separate pages (Get In Touch!!! and About This Funny Little Web Page), which is important to the sophistication of my blog. And secondly, this April has the most posts of any DP month! Including this one, it has 10 compared to the previous record of 8 in February 2012! Isn't that cool?!

I bet you're thinking, "well no, DP, not really", but that's not what I pressed "New Post"for. I just thought I should mention it. But no, I came to entertain (hey, that rhymes. A bit. Not really). And I came to entertain with this funny picture of two swans from the river who apparently mistook grass for water. Seriously, this should be on BuzzFeed.

Amazingly, their poses are exactly the same as they would be on the water. Wings ready to raise, head up straight, body as perfectly in line as a right angle. But couldn't they tell that this ground is just slightly dissimilar to their homeland? Or maybe they're on holiday, and taking a while to adjust to the new setting and how you're meant to walk there. Perhaps times are hard back in the river, and they're resting in the field for a moment of solace. But in their posture, there are signs that they can't forget all of home. Sorry, my swan fantasy is going crazy now, this my mental conversation with you guys.

READERS: Zap back to reality, DP, they are probably just making nests.
ME: Boringggg!!!!!

Anyway, leave the madness behind. I like swans. They have interesting personalities. And I mean that seriously, one moment they're gliding serenely along without a care in the world, and you make one false move and they jump out of the water, caw at you and possibly break your leg. Of course, that's only when they need to protect their cygnets, and I don't mean to make you from this day on petrified of all swans. But yeah, they're calm and a second later they're mad. They're volatile. A bit like all of us, really. Nothing humans don't share.


So, to commemorate this picture and the other swan picture I took yesterday, I thought I'd set up my first blog competition. No prizes for guessing that it's a quiz about swans. Seems as this is virgin territory for both of us, I thought I'd start with my questions:

  1. The word "swan" is derived from what ancient language, a) Latin, b) Ancient Greek or 
  2. c) Old English?
  3. True or False? Swans are always omnivorous.
  4. Which of the following is a real swan, a) Arctic Swan b) Tundra Swan or c) Alaskan Swan?
  5. An old legend tells the story of a stepmother turning her stepchildren into swans, but what nation is it from?
  6. Mute swans can reach what weight? a) 23 pounds, b) 33 pounds or c) 43 pounds?
  7. The Swan ____; complete the title of this 2010 novel by Elizabeth Kostova?
  8. What North American city gave Queen Elizabeth II the original six pairs of Royal Swans?
  9. Which of the following swan breeds are migratory, a) Tundra Swan b) Mute Swan or c) Black-necked Swan?
  10. Name the 2010 movie, successful at the 2011 Oscars, with a swan in its name.
  11. How long on average do mute swans live, a) 1-10 years b) 10-20 years or c) 20-30 years?
I hoped you enjoyed my questions and as many of you enter as possible! Now for the boring bit the rules…


1) Anyone may enter.

2) Send all entries (with all questions answered) to ENTRIES SENT ELSEWHERE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

3) The contest closes on the 22nd May. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

4) I will notify winners through my blog and theirs, if they have one.

5) Those with the most correct answers win, and I'm sorry, but there won't be 2nd or 3rd prizes, because I can't do that many guest features at once. Ties will be resolved with random selection. MY DECISION IS FINAL.

6) The prize is your choice of:
a) an interview on this blog
b)a guest post on this blog
c)a post request for this blog
d) an interview with me for your blog

Happy entering!
-DP :)


  1. ooooh this competition sounds cool :) I'll probably get all the questions wrong though cos I'm not very skilled at swan questions. Lol :P

    B in B x

    1. It doesn't really matter if you don't do very well, just have a go!
      -DP :)