Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Am Back, With The Results You've All Been Waiting For...

Hello everyone, I now can grace the blogosphere again, after a weekend off when you were probably screaming at your screens "Why Can't She Post At Scout Camp?????". Well, while you were screaming that, I was probably doing one of the following:

1) Hanging out in the sunny communal field with Rihanna belting from a speaker (whoever owns that iPod has impeccable music taste).

2) Running around in a forest playing a wide game I don't understand but still find fun.

3) Waiting in an impossibly long queue for a climbing wall that I eventually gave up waiting in.

4) Hearing birdsong at 5am and believing that it was breakfast time and I had to wake up.

Or, most unfortunately:

5) Having to miss my favourite part of camping, the campfire, to help wash up. All because some annoying boy in my Troop was swearing. GRRR.

But on to the bit you've all been waiting for...

The Results!!!

Anyway, lately I've been having some comments asking where the results are for my swan-themed quiz competition (I'm touched by this, because it shows I'm choosing the right prizes :D). Well, I have them, and I'm proud to announce that the winner of The Dramatis Persona Quiz Competition 2013 is...

(drum roll please, bom bom bom bom)

The Human Guide!

Yep, the pseudonymous blogger and aspiring writer behind The Human Guidebook is our winner this time, with 8/10 questions right! Thank you to everyone who entered, and commiserations to those who missed out on the prize. Here are the correct answers:

  1. The word "swan" is derived from what ancient language, a) Latin, b) Ancient Greek or c) Old English? c)
  2. True or False? Swans are always omnivorous. False
  3. Which of the following is a real swan, a) Arctic Swan b) Tundra Swan or c) Alaskan Swan? b)
  4. An old legend tells the story of a stepmother turning her stepchildren into swans, but what nation is it from? Ireland
  5. Mute swans can reach what weight? a) 23 pounds, b) 33 pounds or c) 43 pounds? b)
  6. The Swan ____; complete the title of this 2010 novel by Elizabeth Kostova? Thieves
  7. What North American city gave Queen Elizabeth II the original six pairs of Royal Swans? Ottawa
  8. Which of the following swan breeds are migratory, a) Tundra Swan b) Mute Swan or c) Black-necked Swan? a)
  9. Name the 2010 movie, successful at the 2011 Oscars, with a swan in its name. Black Swan
  10. How long on average do mute swans live, a) 1-10 years b) 10-20 years or c) 20-30 years? b)

So, I talked to HG about the prize she would like earlier this week, and she seems certain on selecting an interview with me on her blog. Therefore, if you want to see my interview (which I'm sure HG will conduct and post soon), pop over to the aforementioned link. HG also writes other posts apart from fellow-blogger interviews, mainly personal ones about her life, and it's really worth having a look around there if the interview hasn't been posted when you look/you have time to kill online once you've read the interview/you don't like interviews. 

To conclude, thanks to everyone who entered, and well done again to The Human Guide. This competition has been successful and fun, so you can expect more contests and perhaps some giveaways in the future!
-DP :)
PS If you're wondering why I'm posting again when I said the blog was shutting down last post, then you evidently didn't read that post's PS.


  1. Wide games are awesome :D I get up at 5:30 at Scout camp... Weird right? Shame about the campfire :/

    I'm on camp next week, yayyy!

  2. congrats HG!! :D

    Are you really shutting down your blog? Hope not! :(

  3. Thanks! It was a joke Hilda :)
    HG :p