Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Invisible Bespectacled Girl: Live On The Dramatis Persona Vlog Edition!

This is SHAMEFUL, my lack of posting over the last couple of months or so. It's a long saga of Physics essays having to be due in in a week, lost Internet for a WHOLE WEEKEND and a scorching hot trip to Devon, filled with speedboat rides and abseiling down a cliff face to wonderfully rocky beaches. Ah, in the words of Lady Antebellum, there's nothing sweeter than summertime. Anyway, it's the summer holidays now, so time to get back to posting. But where exactly was I?
Ah, yes, I was doing a very scary thing. I was vlogging. A very random and unconventional vlog, which basically takes the format of a talk show. A talk show that went very wrong. A talk show with a very unusual guest, who is not what she seems... 

-DP :)


  1. Was the Invisible Bespectacled Girl, DW? I love the idea of your vlogging, it's great. I am also reading Code Name Verity, nearly finished now, it's really good. Don't forget about the interview, you've got the whole of the summer holidays to do it in, so no excuses now!

  2. Really funny, please do it every week!

  3. By any chance is the invisible bespectacled girl Laura?

    1. It is, her blogger name is Dream Writer, so that's why asked if it was DW!

  4. I have just started a brand new blog and I would be honoured if you could check it out and follow moi?

    B in B x