Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snow In March??? Seriously?!

In my twelve exciting, tumultuous but nonetheless memorable years of life on this weird and wonderful planet that we call Earth, I have never seen something as strange and almost unnatural as this. It is officially spring, I have only three more days of school left until our so-called Easter (I repeat, Easter) break, yet guess what the almighty snow demons have done to us? They have made my world a pristine white.

So, basically, we're in Suffolk on a Saturday morning like we are every weekend, and I'm in a great mood: I have only to jot down some notes about my DT designs for homework (trust me all you primary school readers, if you're in Year 7 and you've got only one subject for the weekend, you know the homework gods are smiling upon you), my Turkish dinner on Friday night with one of my best friends who I've known for six years was awesome and the weekend stretches ahead of me with lots of time to read, watch TV, waste time on my iPad, listen to music, make up random chord progressions on the piano that I hope I'll remember next week when I get back to the manuscript paper in London and most importantly blog.

Little did I know that my mood was about to escalate. I'm sitting on the toilet at 7:30 am reading a mixture of Calvin & Hobbes strips that I've read a million times and John Hegley poetry that I only got last Christmas so have read zero times, and I casually glance out of the window before I walk downstairs. And you probably can guess what I saw. PROPER SNOW. Like, the kind of snow that makes you think someone's gone to the world with lots of white paint. The kind that you know will stay, if only in priceless memories of walking through it and throwing snowballs at your dad. That you can't wait to see in the flesh, that you want to run straight without shoes or coat. That carries on the whole day, and not just in your imagination. And that all sounds so amazing, and snow is my favourite weather (although I've ironically never been skiing) but seriously Mr. British Weather, it is March. I'll look at the Guide To Weather Planning, and it says March should be a brisk, refreshing, sunny-but-cold kind of month, with some build-ups to April showers. But not snow. That is reserved for winter and hopefully Christmas, get with it! Get your act together soon guys, or I'm moving somewhere where the Guide To Weather Planning can  actually be trusted.

But on the positive side, snow is snow whatever season it is. So I thought I'd share it with you in picture form!

I think one of the prettiest instances of snow is when it lands on things like trees, tables and fences. It looks almost as if the object has a second 3D layer. I particularly like how the wind has blown snow to only one side of the fence.

Above are some more general pictures of the snow I took in our garden and when we went walking in the surrounding fields. I love how snow can be pristine like on the lawn, or hard, clearly defining the bricks on our patio. I also like how the pattern of snowy field-snowy tree can feel like it goes on forever and ever, continuing the enigmatic allure that novelty snowy weather always produces in me.

Snow is a great medium for drawing in, so I made a snow angel (the arms went a bit wrong) and even paid homage to this blog!

Finally, to end my second snow post this year, I'll post a picture of me looking pensively out at the snow. I think this picture says that the snow, sky (if you can tell them apart :)) and trees are all big blocks of colour in the painting of the world, and I'm the critic at the lonely art gallery. I'm a lone living thing looking at a world of beauty.

As my snow day draws to a close, all I'm hoping for is snow when I'm back in London, throwing snowballs at my friends at breaktime and a snow day! But this is wishful thinking, because I was talking to my friend today on Skype, and apparently the snow in London isn't settling :(.
-DP :)

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