Friday, February 8, 2013

This Proves Graffiti Can Be Awesome

Street art has been a large part of the atmosphere of my neighbourhood for a long while now, but it isn't the usual kind of graffiti. This graffiti is more than just somebody's signature and a few love hearts, this takes art to a whole new, accessible level. In my twelve  years of staring out of the kitchen and walking through painted alleyways to gleaming skyscrapers on my way to school, I have realised that this is more than vandalism. Anyone can see talented spraycanning without having to pay a penny.

From the scenes from mythology on the wall next to Pizza Express to the frequent Banksy rats (my favourite was the line of rats on the red carpet, sadly painted over a few years back. R.I.P.), and the evocative local motto "Let's Adore And Endure Each Other", everything painted here has a certain shine to it. It's the kind of shine that backfires a bit, because it gives a notorious and offputting feel to the place (just look at all those swearwords), but the actual images have a certain symbolism and neighbourhood pride. The time when someone changed a cynical rat saying "London doesn't work"'s speech bubble to "I Love London" made me finally see the pride.

Anyway, all the artworks I've mentioned are old now. However, we have one of the strangest, funniest and DramatisPersonaryest just released in the area. And I thought, because I snapped while I could (the artworks sure go away quickly), I'd share with you guys. 

I'd love to know what on Earth this three-toothed thing (not sure what else to call it really) is, or whether he'll be a charitable or terrorising addition to the neighbourhood now he's FRESH IN TOWN. I suspect the latter. Anyway, he'll be a hopefully good friend to the model cockroach below.
-DP :) 

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  1. Dear DP,
    Firstly, thank you so much for the kind words as they really put a smile on my face and it means so much.
    When I fist started with my blog back in April 2011, getting it viral was the last thing I expected.
    After I read Cat's (Life Through A Cat's Eyes) in Shout Magazine!, I put a lot more effort into my blogging and I guess how I started gaining 'butterflies' followers.
    To gain followers I always comment on blogs and ask them whether they'd like to pop by at my blog at any point.
    The key is to dedicate yourself and work hard. Success doesn't come over night and for me it was really hard work to get people to listen to me. Post on what makes you happy and try to bring something unique to the table. Never try to fit in with the crowd and only post what makes you smile. Enjoy every second of it and you'll eventually receive followers, never give up on your dreams.
    Good luck with the future of blogging and I hoped these tips help. I can always get the word out there about your blog if you wish to help you gain followers. I hope you enjoy every second of it. And thank you so much for the kind words.
    Yours sincerely, Abbie.

    P.S - When I tried to send the e-mail it wouldn't send as I'm not sure whether if it was correct.
    Thank you so much for the kind words. Everything you said to me means the world to me, it made me smile so much.